Sunday, April 29, 2007

GKD Junior Tournament 2007

A whole bunch of news here! Starting with a big thank you to all of the participants and parents at our 2nd annual tournament. We had groups attend from Ottawa, Kingston, London and Mississauga as well as Guelph. See the picture of the whole group below.

We were very proud of our students - they performed with spirit and determination. Tsuyoshi followed in his brother's footsteps by winning the GKD Burpee award. Chris was the recipient of the Male Spirit Award and Madeleine was the recipient of the female Spirit Award. A number of promotions took place:

4th kyu - Michael and Haley
7th kyu - Chris
8th kyu - Elsha and TJ
9th kyu - Chandler

Congratulations to all of these students. There are also a few students that are very close to promotion - keep working hard. In addition to the mudansha promotions there were also some yudansha promotions:

1st dan - Sensei Maia
2nd dan- Sensei Glen
4th dan - Sensei Chris
7th dan - Sensei Bob and Sensei Rick

A huge thank you to the seniors, Hanshi Roberts, Sensei Bob and Sensei Rick for coming out, and a personal thank you to Sensei Wolf for attending. Once again, congratulations to all of the participants - we saw some excellent kata and shiai. Thanks to Sensei Jim and Greg for getting everything on video!

Clicking on the little picture below will take you to the album of pictures from the tournament.
GKD 2007 Junior Tournament


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