Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Camp and other things.

Summer Camp has come and gone again. Nice to see a whole crop of younguns. Way to go Kristine and Koburo Dojo. Kristine was officially made the head of the Club with Sensei Bob Cussler taking on a more of an adviser role. Congrats to you both.

Saturday began with a run breakfast and Nerf Football. Good Times! My gi is officially retired after suffering giant tears. The big boys clobbered each other and the younguns scored the goals. This was followed by Sensei Bob taking us through some Aikido basics. Sensei Rheinhard followed with some elemental Jits. Hanshi of course ran everyone through a spirited basics class. Sensei Michael was awarded his San dan and Tao experienced his first camp as a karate ka.

Kingston is planning a November Tournament this year so keep training hard.